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5 Actions One Agency Took to Close a Million Dollar Deal

The market for social agencies is fast paced and highly competitive. What sets agencies apart boils down to the strength of their online customer relationships and the ability to adapt, combine new technologies, and close deals.

As a thriving agency, PureMatter has to organize, manage, and stay on top of their more than 10,000 sales contacts. That’s why the agency relies on Nimble for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a place to capture and organize deals, opportunities, and contacts. And because 80% of their relationships are built on social media, they’ve combined Hootsuite’s social media management capabilities with Nimble’s CRM functionality—all in one dashboard with the Hootsuite app.

Read About 5 Actions PureMatter Agency Took To Close a Million Dollar Deal

PureMatter social agency has certainly built strong client relationships on social media. “As a social agency, everything we do revolves around engagement on social media,” shares president and CEO of PureMatter, Bryan Kramer. “We have more conversations on Twitter than in email.”

“We recently closed a contract worth just under a million dollars,” says Kramer. “While the relationships are the reason for closing, we wouldn’t have been able to engage, track, and nurture the relationships without the combination of Hootsuite and Nimble.”

Identify key sales prospects and build a business deal pipeline
PureMatter uses Hootsuite search streams to identify and isolate high-value prospects and Lists to organize them based on the team’s varied needs. As the PureMatter team filters through more social contacts and conversations, valuable contact information can be sent from Hootsuite to Nimble, where custom field tags organize them into leads, prospects, or customers.

Listen to and engage in social conversations as a team
The PureMatter team collaborates through assignments and shared streams within Hootsuite to ensure they’ve cast wide social nets and are listening and engaging in many conversations. “140 characters is a quick and easy way to communicate,” says Kramer. “With Hootsuite, we work together to have a 360-degree view of our potential social sales pipeline. I think that kind of collaborative listening and engagement builds you into being a truly social business.”

With over 300,000 agency followers across multiple social networks and 105,000 personal Twitter followers, Kramer couldn’t manage all of those potential customers without Hootsuite. “I love thanking people and connecting. It really humanizes the conversation, but I couldn’t do that without Hootsuite’s help.”

Turning conversations into meaningful relationships online
“When you’re selling on social, the focus should be on building and nurturing relationships,” shares Kramer.

While building meaningful relationships requires a personal finesse, developing many relationships on social media at once can quickly get disorganized. Nimble helps by creating contact lists or tags that help categorize just how far social conversations have taken each relationship—leads or past agency customers, for example.

“We all know how hard it is to prepare for every critical business engagement in todays over connected, over communicated world. Thanks to our Hootsuite integration you can hover and discover to click and connect with contacts in Hootsuite streams. When you import contacts into Nimble it auto-magically maps their profiles across all social identities. You are then able to easily walk in their digital footprint to get to know them. With Nimble’s Relationship Insights you can then go ahead and reach out and connect in an intelligent, relevant and authentic way,” says Jon Ferrara, CEO at Nimble.

Nurturing social leads for sales
Social selling has taken many industries to whole new levels. Nimble understands that every relationship built on social media is an arc in which a sale can take place at any moment. Staying organized and keeping track of every relationship’s progress is how Nimble helps PureMatter transform conversations into potential leads for sales.

Close more deals with Hootsuite and Nimble
“With Nimble and Hootsuite, we’re able to find many more sales opportunities,” says Kramer. “They often start small—like a Tweet we find or small social buying signal—but these opportunities quickly add up. For example, we now have over 10,000 contacts in our portfolio, most of them found on social and nurtured over time. Those are 10,000 opportunities that we might have overlooked without Nimble and Hootsuite.”

PureMatter Close Deals

While Hootsuite allows PureMatter to turn social media conversations into meaningful relationships that may result in a deal, Nimble tracks and reports on all business opportunities, so that they can close more deals in less time.

For Kramer, the best part about using the Hootsuite combined with Nimble is the “ability to engage with the right people at the right time, which affects direct change in sales volume and influence in half the time.” Together, PureMatter can manage 80% of potential sales contacts. And since integrating Hootsuite and Nimble into their workflow, PureMatter can directly attribute a 15% increase in sales and 15% decrease in time and resource spend.


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