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About Cited Media and our process

We’re in the business of cultivating and nurturing relationships within our extensive networks.

Rather than cold approaching strangers over the internet on behalf of our clients, we spend all of our time building relationships with content managers prior to arranging link placement deals with them.

As a media agency, we have a proactive sequence approach which gives us far better returns and much greater efficiency. This allows us to deliver results much cheaper and faster than anyone on the market!

What Sets
us Apart?

Links Built


Agency Clients


Link Success

Effective processes

We’re a media agency in the business of arranging citations of your client sites inside publications on our partner media properties. These existing relationships provide the ability to place links immediately as required. Very simple.

Media network with over 100,000 properties

Media partners spanning the globe across 33 countries

Capacity to scale

Our infrastructure and media arrangements give you the capability to delegate your entire expensive outreach process to us. We guarantee we can deliver better quality links at a fraction of the cost in a tenth of the time. Try us.

Media properties that Fortune 500 companies rely on

We’ve overseen 8 figures worth of media link placements


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