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We worked on a brand new health/medical property that was designed to generate traffic from a huge range of high commercial intent keywords. The competition in this vertical is fierce and we had the odds stacked against us seeing as we had to start with a brand new domain and website.



We took a fairly aggressive approach from the start, building a lot of relevant links with 100% branded anchors for the first few months. We didnt focus on specific keywords to rank, instead, we built links to all of the fresh content that was being posted daily.

This created an internal silo ranking structure that collectively benefited the site as a whole and increased rankings right across the board.



Every single link built to this site has been acquired through our extensive network in the health space. We follow our usual process of identifying historic content that has been indexed and cached with Google and is already ranking for keywords.

Usually, this content has been created at least 1-2 years ago. We consider this content to be settled, approved by Google and in excellent standing overall. We have updated the content and placed contextual links, then sent fresh social signals to the pages which alerted Google to potential updates.



With the regular link placements, we’ve been able to take on very difficult keywords that would usually only be attainable through PBN and other short-term blackhat SEO strategies. The commercial traffic through this property has generated a 15,000% ROI to date. The majority of the link work has already been completed and this site will continue to dominate its respective industry in the SERP’s.

Our link placements are designed to deliver massive ROI in high barrier to entry markets.



We were approached by a UK based agency that had over 900 clients around the world. Despite delivering quantifiable results with high client satisfaction and retention, their internal acquisition costs and overheads were at an almost break-even threshold. With 3 years trading history behind them, they still couldn’t scale into a highly profitable business model.



After analyzing their existing outreach efforts, procedures and processes, we were able to offer solutions that delivered the exact same results at 10% of the cost!

Their existing structure had a very large in-house and offshore outreach department that had a very high-cost base association. Manual outreach and link requesting/begging employs a lot of man-hours and the bottom line shows that you can’t always guarantee an exact return of links or results.



By utilizing our existant network and switching their link acquisition systems over to us, they were able to eliminate the majority of their high cost staffing issues and focus on new business acquisition.

We implemented a streamlined white label service that enabled us to place all of their client’s links in a matter of days at 10% of what their prior costs were. Historically, the turn around time on obtaining links was 8-12 weeks on average. By working with us they were able to deliver results to their clients extremely fast.



By eliminating their in house acquisition departments, they were able to focus their entire efforts on new business and client retention. By replacing the majority of their overheads with internal sales staff and assets that generate a very high ROI, they have seen 600% growth in 8 months of working with us. 



Professional Agency

Enterprise structure

Work with an actual company, not individual freelancers with complimentary headaches.


No suprises

We pride ourselves on our crystal clear reporting and link acquisition processes.

Bottom Line Focused

Drastically increase your profits

Halve your raw SEO costs and shift 100% of your focus to sales and client retention.


Very impressive performance

We've been able to replace 80% of our in-house link acquisition department with outbound sales staff. This has resulted in an incredible decrease in our baseline costs and a serious increase in revenue. 10/10 impressive!

ASX listed company


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