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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to place your links?

Because we have existing relationships with all of our webmasters and content managers we are able to deliver fast turn around time. Usually, all links are live within 3-5 days and 1 week maximum, unless you specifically request drip feeding.

How white hat are these link placements?

These links are not placed on privately owned blog networks or artifical SEO properties. They are naturally placed inside existing high calibre content on very high quality sites that already have strong standing in Google. The perfect link, according to Google.

How long will my links last?

We do not have control over the sites we arrange to place your links, so sometimes content can get deleted etc. We guarantee your link will stay alive for at least 6 months or we will replace it with an even better link! In over 100,000 placements we’ve only had to replace 20 links.

Do you accept adult and gambling?

Yes we do have relationships with sites in these spaces that have content related to adult and gambling. We can place your links inside that specific content.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum order is 5 links, however our average order size is 150 links.

Can we pick the websites?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to guarantee placements on any sites till we establish contact with our network. This means we are unable to provide lists of sites or guarantee specific placements.

Can I reject a link?

Yes, you can, for any valid reason. For example if the site is a well disguised PBN or if the content is not indexed etc.