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· Choose your URL’s and anchors

We have great relationships with our content managers and editors which allow us to place the exact anchors you want. You’ll provide us with a specific list of which anchors, URL’s and niches you want us to build links for.

The advantage of working with us vs other outreach agencies is that we are not cold contacting and begging for links. We work within our very extensive network of content editors that allow us to place links as you require.

Start building links you can completely control.

· Link placement management

Once we have your desired url’s and anchors, we’re off to speak with our network. We have a very selective system that will identify the best possible sites in your particular niche, and we will then arrange to have your links placed.

We’ll identify high quality content that’s been aged and cached by Google for a while already and then naturally insert your link into the existing content. Google already trusts this content and you’ll bypass the fresh content algo filter.

Start seeing ranking boosts only authority content can give.

· Concise transparent reporting 

Once all the links are live, we generate a report that includes all information about your anchors, url’s and the pages the links are placed on. Usually google caches the new links very quickly, but we can ping them for you if you’d like.

We’re all about providing the highest quality results. If for some reason you need to change anything, we give you full control over the placement. You can change the content around your link and/or move it elsewhere on the page.

Start using a link provider that gives you complete freedom and flexibility.


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